What Students Say

Our retention rate speaks volumes – over 70% of our students undertake at least two or more courses at Peter Sefton Furniture School. Beginners frequently move on to the more advanced cabinet making and woodworking courses to develop their skills, often igniting a passion for our Professional Long Course. Read on for testimonies from our satisfied students…

    Peter himself takes the courses, leading by demonstration and example. It is clear from day one that Peter is friendly, and enthusiastic. It is abundantly obvious by your final day that he is patient, engaging, and inspiring. The courses are perfectly paced. They keep you busy and involved, and there is a hint of a crescendo toward the finale of the week, when you are finishing that all important test piece or joint which you hope to triumphantly present to your loved ones.

    Phil Buckle - 5 Day Beginners and Advanced Make a Table Course

    I wanted to let you know much I enjoyed the course. It will be an enormous help to me, not only in hopefully keeping all my digits, but in getting the best out of my woodworking machines.

    Richard Loncraine - 3 Day Wood Machining Course

    Thank you for a most enjoyable week. While not being the best carpenter in the world I did enjoy the work and learning sharpening of the tools and how a plane works! I very much appreciated Peter's help; I know I made a lot of errors, but the knowledge gained will certainly help me in the future.

    Paul Evans - 5 Day Beginners Course

    I just wanted to say how fantastic I thought the French polishing course was that I recently attended. The table is now completely finished and looks amazing.

    Jane Spendalow - 2 Day French Polishing Course

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the beginners course this week. I learnt so much, and produced something I didn’t think I would be able to at the start of the week. Peter is a really good teacher, and extremely patient. The pace of the course was great and being able to try lots of different tools, including Peter’s own was so useful. I think the biggest compliment is that I’ve not even been back home a day and I am already looking at other courses to book on!

    Jon Robinson - 5 Day Beginners Course

    Thank you very much for a fantastic course. I really enjoyed it and learned lots. Just trying to come up with ideas of how to incorporate these new methods into future projects.

    Oly Wansey - 4 Day Veneering & Laminating Course

    Peter’s knowledge and experience is fantastic. He is a superb teacher and has no issues with providing the student with knowledge ...

    Richard Leppard - 5 Day Advanced Make a Table Course

    We got plenty of personal attention and we learned a lot from one another as we took different tracks to create our projects and made different mistakes. Peter’s approach is to combine practical hands on learning with formal teaching. We usually spent the first hour of the day, which starts at 9am, with a lesson. This might be an intense session on a particular joint type, technique or advanced furniture construction. We then practiced the joints ourselves. Peter is particularly skilled in enabling us to understand the care and attention necessary to achieve the perfect joint. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am completely satisfied that it met my expectations. This is going to be a highly absorbing skill to have and I now have a clear model of excellence in my mind. Who knows where this will all lead!

    John Dunlop - Professional Long Course

    What a great location for it! I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course, please can you pass on my thanks to Peter for a very enjoyable and informative 5 days. I’ve shown my resulting rack to a number of people and they’ve all been very impressed!

    Richard Poultney - 5 Day Beginners Course

    Just to say how much I enjoyed the course. It was a pleasure to be taught by a master of his trade - I learned so many tips which have transformed the way I work. I am still amazed at the tolerances Peter managed to achieve in working the timber and his patient method of teaching is amazing. I would have no hesitation in recommending the courses to anyone should you ever need a independent opinion - I just wish I could afford the time to take the full 9 month course, that must and would be amazing. Can't wait for the next course!

    Pete Davies - 3 Day Wood Machining Course

    Please thank Peter again for an exceptionally useful and enjoyable course. It wasn't just his depth of knowledge and ability to get it across, but his patience in answering questions in a detailed and thoughtful way that made the course outstanding.

    John Jackson - 3 Day Wood Machining Course

    A huge thank you to you all at the furniture school for the beginners course from 13-17 April! It was a fab course and I am recommending it to anyone and everyone!

    Steve Cashmore - 5 Day Beginners Course

    The atmosphere, teaching and care you provide your students is 'Outstanding!'

    Ben Baxter - Professional Long Course

    Please pass on my thanks to Peter once again for another very enjoyable time at your workshops and completion (just about) of latest masterpiece.

    Matt Poole - 5 Day Advanced Dovetailing Course

    A big thank you - I appreciated the huge amount of preparation involved, and the patient, tolerant, non critical teaching. As an incurable wood working toolaholic, I particularly enjoyed the sessions where without any apparent bias, several options of the essential tools were demonstrated, discussed, and compared. As with most beginners, I have found choosing vital tools very difficult, and cost alone not a good guide ... I have done more woodworking in the last three days than in the last ten years having now overcome my numerous fears ranging from the bewildering options re sharpening, to the preparation to size of a piece of timber. Anyone can teach a gifted woodworker. It takes an outstanding teacher to impart confidence to a beginner - I am very much looking forward to my next course.

    John McLean - 5 Day Beginners Course