Peter Sefton’s student Paul McAnenny reflects on the problems and new techniques involved in his first design project.

raining at Peter Sefton’s Furniture School has been an enjoyable experience for me and having learnt the basics on a series of set projects during the first term, I was ready to make something of my own design from start to finish.

I found initial inspiration when one of my peers drew out a shape for
a veneer hammerhead we were in the process of making, which was, in essence, two overlapping circles. After sketching out some designs, I came up with a basic idea for a coffee table. I wanted a challenge and to try something new so decided to add two drawers that would require curved fronts; a concept
we had only previously talked about in the classroom. In order to get a grasp of the whole design and creation process, we would be doing everything to complete the piece from the initial technical drawings to sourcing our own timbers.

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